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"bill The Shill" Releva A Rahm

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Posted at 11:15 AM ET, 01/ 7/2011
[size="4"][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][[b]color="#800080"]Crony capitalism[/color][/b][/font][/size]
By Jennifer Rubin
Big Labor and Big Business are teaming up to protect Big Government. As Greg Sargent put it yesterday, in describing the budding alliance between the AFL-CIO and the Chamber of Commerce: "The two groups rarely agree on anything, and frequently target each other in the harshest of terms, but one thing they agree on is that they don't want the House GOP to make good on its threat to subject highway and mass-transit programs to budget cuts."

This is a golden opportunity for Republican lawmakers and the 2012 contenders. Independent voters mistrust both government and Wall Street, and the sight of those entities in cahoots with organized labor should alarm them as well as Tea Partyers.

Then you have to add into the mix the cast of characters in the White House. There is [i]William Daley, whom Michael Crowley at Time describes as follows:

Daley, 62, is an archetypal face of the 1990s pro-business wing of the Democratic Party. He joined the Clinton administration in 1993 with the specific mission of [b]helping the president pass the North American Free Trade Agreement over strong opposition from labor and Congressional liberals[/b]. As Commerce Secretary Daley also [b]led the fight for permanent normal trade relations with China, also anathema to the unions[/b]. Labor animus was so great that, when Al Gore named Daley his 2000 presidential campaign manager in 2000, A[b]FL-CIO president John Sweeney declared Daley's positions had put him "squarely on the opposite side of working families." [/b](Daley may be best remembered from that campaign for his dramatic appearance onstage at 3:10 am on election night in Nashville to declare that Gore had called George W. Bush and withdrawn his earlier concession in anticipation of a recount.) [/i]

[u]Since then Daley has been making a handsome living as a corporate executive, most recently on the executive board of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co and on the boards of several other big corporations, including Boeing and the giant drug maker Merck.[/u]

Republicans were quick to point out that [b]Daley was on the board of Fannie Mae[/b], the government-owned mortgage lender that contributed mightily to the financial meltdown. And they quickly went to the files to remind voters that only last October liberal Senators Al Franken (D-Minn.) and Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) were going after Daley's former employer and other banks for " routinely filed false affidavits, triggering thousands of illegal foreclosures on unwitting homeowners in Minnesota and across the country."

You then have stories like this one, which was picked up by MSNBC last month. The headline says it all: [b]"Wind at their backs: Powerful Democrats help Chinese energy firm chase stimulus money."[/b] The details should make even the most ardent Democrat cringe:

Top Democratic fundraisers and lobbyists with links to the White House are behind a proposed wind farm in Texas that stands to get $450 million in stimulus money, even though a Chinese company would operate the farm and its turbines would be built in China.

[u]The farm's backers also have close ties with Senate Majority Leader [b]Harry Reid, D-Nev[/b]., who, at the height of his hard-fought re-election bid this fall, helped blunt congressional criticism over stimulus dollars possibly going to create jobs in China by endorsing a proposal by the Chinese company to build a factory in his home state[/u]. [b]Although his campaign received thousands of dollars in donations from the wind farm's backers and Reid stood on stage with them at a campaign event they hosted, his office declined to answer any questions about the wind farm's organizers or their plans for Nevada[/b].

Nor does it help when the president deems his departing press secretary's $172,000 salary "modest." Call it a slip of the tongue, but it bespeaks a mindest at odds with the Democrats' "help the little guy" messaging.

Not every liberal is tone deaf on this phenomenon. Over at Salon, Alex Pareene writes:

The smarter conservatives already claim -- with some evidence -- that [b]the White House and the Democratic Party are pawns of the big banks, or that Big Government and Big Business are in a mutually beneficial corrupt relationship[/b]. . . . [u]Picking the JPMorgan Chase exec -- who sat on Fannie Mae's board -- doesn't prove the president loves unfettered free markets, it "proves" that the elites are still enriching themselves at the expense of everyone else[/u].

And let's not forget that the same Democrats who are cheering Daley's arrival are still defending the individual mandate, the gift to Big Insurance that delivers unwilling customers to their doorstep. (Free market conservatives and principled liberals have made this point.)

Put it all together and it is a political train wreck ready to happen. It just might not occur until November of 2012.

[color="#800080"][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][size="4"]Mayor Daley: No 'Chicago mafia' in White House[/size][/font][/color]
By Daniel Strauss - 01/06/11 01:40 PM ET

President Obama's selection of William Daley as his new chief of staff is not an example of a "Chicago mafia," Mayor Richard M. Daley, William Daley's brother, said Thursday.

At a press conference about Chicago schools Thursday, [b]Mayor Daley said that his brother's appointment to be President Obama's new chief of staff was not an example of a "Chicago mafia."[/b]

"(President George W. Bush) brought people from Texas. John F. Kennedy brought people from Massachusetts. Richard Nixon brought people from California," Daley said. "Ronald Reagan brought people from California. Jimmy Carter brought people from Georgia. Bush brought people from Texas. Clinton brought people from Arkansas."

Rather than an example of Chicago-style politics, Mayor Daley said it was an example of the president picking someone he knows.

"There's nothing wrong with that," Daley said.

The White House announced on Thursday afternoon the appointment of William Daley, an executive at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and former Commerce secretary for the Clinton Administration, to succeed interim chief of staff Pete Rouse.

January 7, 2011

[color="#800080"][size="4"][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"]The Other New Chicago Crony Chief of Staff[/font][/size][/color]
Michelle Malkin

Fun fact: Bill Daley isn't the only new chief of staff in the White House with longtime ties to the Chicago Way. Yep, it's No Windy City Corporate Lawyer Left Behind Week in the nation's capital.

On the other side of the White House, deep-pocketed campaign finance mega-bundler [b]Tina Tchen was named first lady Michelle Obama's new right-hand woman. Or rather, left-hand woman. The self-described "progressive" attorney from Chicago is taking over as chief of staff in the East Wing following the expected departure of Susan Sher. [/b]Tchen personally raised more than $200,000 for the Obama presidential campaign while a lawyer at white-shoe Skadden Arps. (No word on whether Mrs. Obama gave her the same anti-corporate lawyer, fat cat-bashing lecture she delivered on the campaign trail.)

Now, stick with me here as we diagram another Chicago shuffle. As usual, all roads lead to the Daley political machine:

[b]Sher is Mrs. Obama's old boss at the University of Chicago Medical Center (where they worked together on an infamous "patient-dumping" scheme that benefited Chicago political operative and public relations guru David Axelrod at the expense of poor urban patients outsourced to far-off clinics)[/b]. Before that, Sher worked as a former top city attorney for retiring Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's administration, where she forged a tight relationship with Daley deputy chief of staff turned lifetime Obama consigliere Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett hired Michelle Obama at Sher's behest, and they all linked arms as they gamboled together down the patronage-trimmed path to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

As White House senior adviser, Jarrett has had free rein to create shady, self-serving political offices and agencies on the taxpayers' dime. One of those offices is the White House Office of Public Engagement. OPE is the secretive office Jarrett and the Obamas used to push their failed bid to win the 2016 Olympics for Mayor Daley and their hometown. That doomed corporate sports welfare campaign would have provided a multibillion-dollar taxpayer windfall to Daley's bankrupt city and the real estate mogul friends of the Obamas' inner Chicago circle.

[b]The head of the White House OPE? Chicago corporate lawyer, prodigious six-figure political fundraiser and old Jarrett friend Tina Tchen.[/b]

Tchen was listed in 2009 White House visitor logs as having met there with none other than radical left-wing billionaire George Soros.

Tchen was also in the middle of Obama administration efforts to recruit artists to advance their political agenda through the taxpayer-supported National Endowment of the Arts. Conservative film producer and contributor Patrick Courrielche first blew the whistle in 2009 when the NEA and OPE gathered 75 artists, musicians, writers and poets on a conference call to exhort them to create propaganda art supporting Obama's domestic policy agenda.

[b]Tchen was quoted telling the group on the call that "(t)he administration wants to sustain energy from the election process and turn it toward the agenda." Others in on the politicized arts campaign discussed creating "counter-narratives" to combat GOP health care critics and anti-illegal alien amnesty activists.[/b]

In a statement touting the chief of staff appointment, Mrs. Obama lauded Tchen's "outreach" prowess and praised her for "ensuring that communities across the country have a voice and a presence at the White House."

"Communities." It's the 2011 euphemism for privileged Chicago Friends of Obama.

Make no mistake: These appointments aren't about moving toward "centrism." They're about protecting the politics of self-perpetuating favoritism. With Daley in the West Wing and Tchen in the East Wing, the Crony State is safe.

Parece que la casa blanca (The White Crib) esta en survival mode...

Que creen ustedes de este par de nombramientos altamente cuestionables?

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