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Ohio Man Orders Empty Gun Safe, Finds 300 Pounds Of Pot Inside

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An Ohio man expected the gun safe he ordered online to be empty, police said.


But instead, he found $425,000-worth of tightly wrapped marijuana bricks


"I've been in law enforcement for 47 years
and I've never seen anything like this," Shelby County, Ohio, Sheriff John L. Lenhart said. "It's quite effective if
you think about it: wrapped airtight to withstand high temperatures.
Drug-sniffing dogs probably couldn't smell it."


It turned out the gun safes were
manufactured by Champion Safe
in Nogales, Mexico, packaged by local inmates and shipped north,
police said.


"Someplace between Mexico and the warehouse
in Northern Ohio, the drugs
got mixed up and put in the wrong safe and got delivered to the wrong person,"
Lenhart said.


Police hope to question a driver for Conway Inc., the truck company they said
Champion hired to move the 25 to 30 gun safes to a warehouse in Ohio for local
distribution. But they have not been able to find the driver, officials


"Not only are we looking for him," Lenhart said, "but the bad guys are,


That could be a problem for whoever screwed up the shipment, police said, but
not for the anonymous northern Ohio man who, in early June, found 10 bales of
pot tightly bound inside the safe he had ordered for $1,700. Police believe the
man who got the 1,000-pound, 6-foot-tall safe had nothing to do with the drug
shipment and was only expecting to find an empty space where he could store 24
long rifles and a dozen shotguns.


The shipping method has drawn the interest of the DEA because evidence
suggests that this may not be the first time sealed gun safes have been used as
smuggling portals, police said.


"You just spent $1,700 to get marijuana delivered wherever you want," said
Shelby County Chief Deputy Jim Frye. "That's pretty cheap."


Police will keep the case open for an extended period of time, focusing on
notifying jurisdictions that could have a hand in solving the case.


ABC News reached out to Champion Safe Co. and Conway Inc. for comment, but
received no response.

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I would be worried that it had a tracking device and soon the real owners would show up to :training:

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Hey Magoo,


Indeed, thats why it doesnt always pay to keep what you find.  Its different if you found something on the street, and even then some people try and locate the rightful owner... you can never realize the effect on someones life by returning lost property to them...

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